There’s one thing you won’t find at The Two Brewers and the staff are quick to boast to new visitors about it!

And because the mystery ingredient is missing, it is greatly appreciated by the many customers who flock to our busy hostelry to sample freshly-prepared food and the very best traditional ales.

It does not take a great intellect to spot this missing ingredient. Step through the door for the first time and everyone soon notices that their ears are not being assailed by… MUSIC!

You will not see a juke box or spot the usually tell-tale speakers in some corner or other spewing out canned rubbish. This means that customers talk to each other without having to raise their voices or strain to listen to the conversation of their friends and they don’t have to shout at the bar staff when ordering a drink or a meal.

This very civilised atmosphere has meant that for more than ten years The Two Brewers has featured in “The Quiet Pint,” a specialist guide that lists all the pubs in the United Kingdom where you can enjoy a drink or a meal without your ears being assailed by unwelcome and intrusive music.

From the very first day that music was banned from The Two Brewers, visitors have told the staff that it was the best thing they could have done.
And The Two Brewers reputation for good food and the best in real ales has brought the pub further accolades, particularly being rewarded over the years with regular entries in Camra’s “The Good Beer Guide” and “The Good Food Guide.”